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The Various Risks Of Thumb Sucking} Jun 17

Submitted by: Tracey Reshard

Loving parents can’t help but get worried and afraid of their baby’s dental health. This is because babies and children are prone to different dental issues. Dental problems are health challenges. This generally transpires if an individual is practicing bad oral habits. Thumb sucking is among most prevalent bad habits these days.

Thumb sucking is a bad practice that’s usually carried out by a kid. Pediatric dentists established that this sort of behavior is the most common concern proclaimed by parents. Worried parents typically asked their dentists whether thumb sucking is hazardous to their baby’s dental health. Great news is they’re not. This is because thumb sucking is part of the baby’s growing development. In other words, this practice is partly normal. In some instances, children stop thumb-sucking the moment they reached 2-4 years of age. This happens before the permanent (secondary) teeth erupt. However, dentists suggest that every parent should keep track of the kid’s behavior especially if they reached 6-8. Permanent teeth begin to erupt during those ages. Thus, any bad oral habits have to be averted because it can provide unhealthy effects on teeth and jaws.

Thumb-sucking has huge implications to dental health. Dental specialists discovered that if thumb-sucking habit is prolonged, it could possibly produce and create dental problems, like:


Malocclusion – Malocclusion is the technical term for improper alignment of teeth. This dental issue is the commonest effect of prolonged thumb-sucking. Malocclusion is labeled in three classifications. And although this affliction can be resolved by dental treatments, specialists confirmed that quitting this practice earlier is the best solution for this concern. Alternatively, parents may go for dental braces and oral surgery to correct malocclusion.

Speech problems – Aside from malocclusion, speech difficulties may also develop if your kid won’t stop such practice. Speech issues involve difficulty of pronouncing words and tongue thrusting. Youngsters with speech issues often suffer from speaking Ts and Ds. And as you neglect this difficulty – your kid might produce severe issues regarding his growth and speech development.

High, Narrow and Deformed Palate – Prolonged thumb-sucking can affect the form of the roof of the mouth. This habit can induce deformed palate. Dental professionals confirmed that narrow, high palates are results of thumb-sucking. Gradually, this problem can modify the bone structures which produce an unnatural V shape. Deformed palates can be avoided when you persuade your kid to quit such behavior.

Although there are orthodontic treatments available today, experts still advised youngsters to give up the said deed. Orthodontic therapies are expensive. Consequently, consider giving up the practice rather than spend a good fortune.

Thumb sucking can be solved if parents begin to praise their kids about quitting the behavior. Instead of scolding them, best solution is to persuade them. Sometimes, thumb-sucking is carried out when a kid requires comfort. If this happens to your kid, the finest way is to provide care to minimize anxiety. In addition to the following guidelines is offering rewards. Kids are typically thrilled to things they find entertaining. You can offer them rewards inturn of giving up the habit. Last is bringing them to a pediatric dentist. These experts could help explain to children regarding the unwanted side effects of thumb-sucking.

Dental visits are essential to kids. This can prevent dental issues whilst enabling them to find out the several poor impacts of sucking their thumb.

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