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(Untitled) Mar 10

Face plastic surgery is a domain within the medical arena, combining both artistry and technical skill, dedicated to improving an individual’s physical appearance and their quality of life. And among the big names that remove wrinkles and sculpt the perfect nose, one phrase stands out for those seeking the most natural face lift Boston has to offer.

Face plastic surgery includes many different procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and many more. The key to successful facial plastic surgery is not just about modifying physical appearances, but enhancing and maintaining one’s identity and restoring self-confidence. This mission is held in high regard by Boston’s face plastic surgeons, especially those who specialize in delivering the most natural face lift Boston can offer.

The most natural face lift Boston has on offer is not just a procedure, but a complete approach that aims to make changes that look effortless and stunningly natural. The surgeons who perform these procedures focus on minimal changes that bring out the best in you, rather than transforming your face into something it’s not.

How does the most natural face lift Boston approach work? It starts with a comprehensive examination and discussion with the surgeon. This consultation will allow the surgeon to understand your individual needs, expectations, and desires on a deeper level. They will then use these insights to develop a bespoke treatment plan that can deliver a natural, renewed appearance without looking “overdone” or exaggerated.

But what exactly does the procedure involve? The most natural face lift Boston promotes frequently incorporates the use of advanced surgical techniques and innovative technology. This state-of-the-art procedure aims at rejuvenating and tightening the face and neck muscles, whilst removing excess skin and fat. The goal is to subtly refine and restore your face and neck area, consequently, giving a natural, youthful look.

The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and recovery typically takes a few weeks, with most patients being able to return to daily life shortly after. A key factor that differentiates the most natural face lift Boston offers from other treatments is its emphasis on minimal scarring. The surgeons here use inventive methods to place incisions, so they are typically concealed and scar appearances are minimized, ensuring the results are as natural as possible.

Choosing to undergo facial plastic surgery is a significant and personal decision. We encourage anyone interested to fully understand the benefits, likelihoods, and possible side effects associated with this type of surgery. However, for those in the Boston area considering a face lift, know that the most natural face lift Boston provides, is a benchmark in the facial rejuvenation industry for its exceptional outcomes and the magnificent postoperative care it offers.

It’s also recommended to take your time when choosing a face plastic surgeon. Ensure to explore their credentials, experience, patient testimonials, and before-and-after images. After all, you are entrusting them with your face, so it’s crucial to feel comfortable and confident with your surgeon. So, if you want to turn back the clock subtly, consider the most natural face lift Boston experts perform. Their skill, artistry, and dedication to natural results will not disappoint.

Skin Graft Healing: An Intricate Process Jan 26

Skin grafting is a surgical procedure in which doctors transplant skin or skin substitutes from a healthy part of the body, or donor site, to another, injured area known as the recipient site. It is typically used to treat extensive skin loss due to burns, severe wounds, or specific diseases. The process of skin graft healing is critical because it requires a confluence of precise medical techniques and the body’s innate healing capacities. Similarly, it’s akin to the most natural facelift Manhattan due to its remarkable power to rejuvenate and restore skin functionality.

The Skin Graft Healing Process

The overall success of a skin graft is measured by graft take, a term used to describe how well the graft adheres to the recipient site and starts to establish its blood supply. The first few days after the surgery are essential in this skin graft healing process. During this period, the graft goes through an initial stage called plasmatic imbibition, where the graft absorbs nutrients diffused from the surrounding area. This gives it the necessary sustenance until it can establish its own vascular network.

You might question how this process is similar to the most natural facelift Manhattan. The point of correlation lies in the fact that both processes are aimed at rejuvenating the skin.

Four to six days after the procedure, the reestablishment of the blood supply or inosculation stage takes place. The blood vessels from the recipient site start growing into the tiny spaces in the grafted tissue, acquiring a nutrient source and thus giving life to the graft.

The final stage in the skin graft healing process begins approximately a week post-surgery, known as revascularisation or neovascularization. The graft truly takes root as new blood vessels continue to form, eventually replacing old blood vessels. With this new vascular system in place, the graft can then start to thrive.

Complications and Aftercare

Like in a most natural facelift Manhattan, healing is not always immediate or without potential complications. Factors such as infection, hematoma or seroma (build-up of blood or serous fluid), graft rejection, and the overall health of the patient can impact the healing process. Hence, proper aftercare is essential to protect against these risks.

Patient education is a key part of the aftercare protocol for skin graft healing. This aims to ensure that the patient understands and can recognize signs of infection, graft failure, and requires medical attention. It also underlines the importance of maintaining a clean, non-disturbing environment around the graft area to prevent infection.

Comparison to the Most Natural Facelift Manhattan

The apt comparison of the skin graft healing process to the most natural facelift Manhattan is due to a shared goal. Both techniques aim to restore skin to a more healthy, youthful state by leveraging the body’s natural healing responses supported by state-of-the-art medical procedures.

Using the skin graft process not only treats large wounds, burns, or surgical removal areas but also improves the aesthetic and functional quality of the skin in that area. Similarly, a ‘natural facelift’ tackles signs of aging, sagging skin without dramatic surgical interventions and enables the skin to bring about a more youthful look, much like how improved skin graft recovery results in healthier skin.

The restoration of youth and health to the skin, be it through healing grafts or through the most natural facelift Manhattan, is a testament to the wonders of medical science in harnessing our body’s natural abilities to heal and renew itself.

How To Stop Dht And Regrow A Full Head Of Hair Jul 17

By Mark Hall

It has been proved by various studies that the real enemy behind the loss of hair is nothing but DHT. Rising levels of DHT in the blood can over time cause hair follicles to become blocked up and damaged. At first you only notice increase hair shedding. Many people in this stage report see more hair left in the shower drain or on their pillow. If this is the case the best thing is to can intervene early. Just like other disease processes hair loss is more easily treated if it is contained early on. DHT can this be prevented with natural supplements for the stimulation of hair growth.

There are several different ways to contain DHT, like blocking it from adhering to the hair follicles, inhibiting the very production of DHT or the enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. 5- alpha-reductase is the real cause of the production of DHT. Reducing the quantity of cholesterol can also contain DHT, as this is the substance that is responsible for the production of 5-alpha-reductase. So, an inhibitor of DHT can act in any of the above-mentioned ways and after inhibition of DHT the hair follicles can give rise to new hair.

Nature Provides The Some Good Solutions:


Zinc is one of the freely available natural elements that acts as a DHT inhibitor and is found in various food items. Another inhibitor is Saw Palmetto that is also natural and acts in the same way as Propecia. Firstly, it blocks 5-alpha-reductase and afterwards deactivates the DHT receptors on cells. This has been the easiest way for the preventing the increase of DHT. DHT is involved not only in loss of hair} but also in many other diseases, like prostrate cancer. Saw Palmetto has been found to able to counter benign protrastic disease as an antiandrogen tat can also kill the follicles of the scalp. It has lots of potential.

Inhibition of the very production of DHT can remove the hair fail issue from its root itself and this can be achieved by the use of another natural inhibitor Pygeum extract. It works by having specific constituents that removes the chance of accumulation of the cholesterol in prostate glands and reduce the prolacting levels. Prostate glands take up the testosterone rapidly in the presence of prolactin and high levels of cholesterol increases DHT receptors in number.

If you have suffered extensive damage to your hair follicles then your best option may be to pursue a hair transplant. Over the years hair transplantation methods have become better and more cost effective. The cost will depend largely on how extensive the procedures will be. Additionally, there may be regional differences in prices so shop around.

Still another way to combat loss of hair is trying over the counter medications. medications like Minoxidil have been proven to prevent hair loss and encourage regrowth. It carries an actually clinical indication from the FDA to prove its effectiveness. There are only 2 products that carry this distinction. Although the previously mentioned natural products are good there is simply more research supporting the use of products like Rogaine or Provillus. These products contain minoxidil. However, before you run out and buy provillus, procerin or any other product there is more information you need to know. You can read the free report below increase your understanding.

About the Author: Mark Hall researches the best ways to end hair loss. You can view his special report that details where to buy procerin and other top hair loss treatments.


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The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Enlargement And Tummy Tuck May 10

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Enlargement and Tummy Tuck



The term plastic surgery has become very common among people. Most of the people go for the plastic surgery, who think that they have an unattractive body structure. As they are the part of the society, where people with beautiful personality also live and go for plastic surgery treatment to attain the exotic body figure to get praised among people. Here, two most cosmetic surgery treatments are breast enlargement and tummy tuck. The breast enlargement surgery is preferred to get the filled breast, whereas tummy tuck surgery is done to remove the extra fat of the stomach of one s body. After going for these treatments people get an exotic and sexy look that are specially loved or appreciated by men.

Most of the people consider to go for surgery to have fuller breast & flat tummy and they make their way to breast enlargement surgeon or other cosmetic surgeon, but they don t know what the benefits are? However there are a ton of benefits of these surgeries but some of them are as follows:

Benefits of Tummy Tuck surgery:

Remove the Excess Skin of Stomach

This surgery allows the removal of excess skin. There are people, who work hard to lose a considerable amount of weight and it results in large folds of stretched skin hanging down over their stomachs. It looks unattractive and people get distressed. With the help of tummy tuck surgery, they get a slim body structure as their excess skin is removed.


After pregnancy

There are many women, who after their pregnancy find that their stomach does not return to its original shape. As it become difficult for new mothers to diet, they go for belly tuck surgery to get the flat stomach they desire.

Stretch marks after pregnancy

It is also considered that women after pregnancy get the stretch marks, which sometimes become the source of embarrassment. Here the surgery for getting flat tummy helps them out.

Benefits of breast enlargement surgery:

Improves aesthetic

The breast enlargement surgery enhances the women s physic by increasing the breast size, reshaping the bust line and providing shapelier body contour.

Increase the confidence level

The small size of breast reduces the confidence of women and they ignore the social activities. But, with the breast enlargement surgery, they get their confidence level back and they participate in the social activities as well.

Clothing options increases

After the breast enlargement, women get an exotic and sexy figure with the perky bust line and they can wear any cloth with deep neck as they want.

The features of these surgeries convince people go for it. There is a great prominence of these surgeries. With the raising demand, the plastic surgery abroad is getting immensely popular and is also garnering interest of several patients across the globe. in Prague is a trusted name for all breast related treatments including cosmetic surgeries,

breast enlargement surgeon


tummy tuck

also. The clinic attracts clients from all over the world for all types of Cosmetic Surgery and

plastic surgery abroad


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Four Special Benefits Of Plastic Surgery Jan 20

Four Special Benefits Of Plastic Surgery


danica Thinking of a surgical treatment procedure involves much thought and also study. Some of the advantages of plastic surgery involve physical development, emotional boost, beauty benefits, and health advantages, but cautionary procedures must also be considered. Many factors can inspire someone to have cosmetic surgery. Some people’s purposes may be clinically driven, while other people opt for cosmetic surgery only to enhance their bodily traits. Below are a few benefits of plastic surgery. Physical development There are lots of reasons behind a choice to execute cosmetic plastic surgery. California and also San Diego Cosmetic Surgery

are famous places to have plastic cosmetic surgery performed because these destinations are well-known for their competence and experienced professionals. Many people who opt for cosmetic surgery do so for bodily enhancement. Reconstructive surgical treatment for accident sufferers, however, is an example of a procedure needed to assist an individual regain normal function of her or his body and try to obtain the best out of life.


Mental health boost “Mind over matter” is easier said than done. Surgical treatment can be very beneficial to victims of calamities, including burn sufferers or acid splashed sufferers. who have not merely gone through horrible bodily discomfort but also suffer the enduring results of psychological injury. On the other hand, many people fight with low self-esteem and ruined self-image. In the long run, plastic surgery might help an individual like this lead a fuller, more productive life once the hindrances of low self-esteem are already reduced or removed by a much needed morale boost. Beauty benefits There’s no doubt that one of the major attractions of cosmetic surgery lies in its capability to enhance features and physical traits. This particular reason is typical among females, and in some regions, having a cosmetic treatment is part and parcel of becoming an adult. The most typical cosmetic procedures to enhance one’s bodily characteristics include breast implants, lipo surgery and reconstructive surgical procedure. Health advantages Sometimes health needs require constructive surgical treatment to be done. This covers situations from obesity to bodily deformaties that some kids are born with or develop with age. Plastic surgery required by healthcare reasons necessitates the authorization of a registered specialist because the accompanying side effects of the procedure may have a bad effect on the individual. Certain procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction might be needed for patients battling obesity since the risks of being overweight not just affect one’s outward look but might also cause damage to other vital organs in your system. Cautionary methods One particular point which cannot be stressed enough is that these methods must be carried out by a licensed and experienced professional. The negative effects of a horrible surgery will last a lifetime and may bring severe psychological trauma that won’t be easily removed. Before deciding to have a plastic cosmetic surgery procedure, you will need to do the right background investigations and your own analysis. There is no denying that there are pros and cons to every decision, and so before you decide on a procedure you’ll need to take the extra precaution of doing thorough research before jumping in. Written by Danica Reynes. For more information and facts on Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

, pay a visit to

Written by Danica Reynes. For additional information regarding Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego, pay a visit to

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Ipl Treatment? Don’t Do It Until You Read This! Jan 15

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  • Dr Ben Paul

By Michael Pavlos

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light photo skin rejuvenation is a process that works by converting light from the IPL device to the heat treated area. The heat will then stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen that tightens and lightens the skin, after a series of treatments determined by your doctor, will improve the overall look, tone and texture of your skin.

IPL can safely and effectively treat dark colored skin caused by the sun, age spots, liver spot, freckles, birth marks or virtually any dark area of skin. It also a very effective treatment for the red spots associated with rosacea or the redness from the stretching of capillary vessels. Many patients with severe acne scarring find very good results from this procedure also.

IPL is also used in the treatment of hair removal; light from the IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the pigment of the hair, which is then absorbed by the pigment and converted to heat. The heat loosens up the hair and the cells that are responsible for the new growth, therefor stunting new hair growth; leaving you with a smooth hair free area. IPL can be used on armpit hair, beard, mustache area, arms and legs.

The treatment itself is very quick, usually lasting between 10-20 minutes a treatment. It is usually recommended that you start over on a low strength IPL for your first treatment to know what you can tolerate at a comfortable level. IPL is a desired sought out process ideal for patients with very busy lifestyles because of the way it works, by using light to target your pigment and the blood within your skin, depending on which procedure you are having done, it spares the structure of the skin. Therefore there is usually less down time.

How is the IPL Procedure Like?

When you go in to see your doctor, a nurse or technician is going to go over everything about the procedure with you to help make sure that you understand exactly what you are about to undergo. As with any medical procedure you will be asked to sign consent forms once all of this is done you will begin.


The first thing that will be done are pictures will be taken for you; these are for record only and have no use in the IPL. If you have any makeup on other than mascara, or lipstick, you will need to wash it off, and then your face will be cleansed. Your eyes will be covered with goggles during the treatment so they are not bothered by the IPL machine. A cool gel is then applied to your skin and a glass pyramid will be place over the gel. An intense flash of light is flashed through the prism to the area being treated. The first treatment will be mild as to not damage the skin and to see what your skin can tolerate in the future.

All you should feel during the IPL treatment is a sting or tingling maybe a slight burning of the lesions, but this will go away after the treatment is done. A Cryo-chiller is used to blow cool air on the skin to ease any discomfort you will feel. When the treatment is over, you will be instructed to wash the gel off with cool water and soap, and then a healing cream is applied to the skin, followed by a layer of sunscreen. You will be instructed on what to expect for the next couple of days, how to care for your skin and what to do if any problems occur.

Possible Complications of IPL

Risks of side effects from the IPL are minimal as this is a very safe procedure. As with all procedures done there is always the chance that something can go wrong, so keep in mind, that these are possible, but not probable side effect and complications to the IPL procedure.

You may see darker patches of skin that appear a couple weeks after treatment, they may last anywhere from two weeks to a year. People with darker skin types are at a greater risk for this condition and it is treatable with a cream that is used to reduce pigment.

Redness, swelling or mild bruising may occur and can last for up to four days after your IPL; if it goes beyond that you need to contact your doctor. This is more common in patients that are very fair or that have a considerable amount of pink or red tones to their skin.

You may develop white patches on the skin; this can last from 2 weeks to one year, but has the risk to being permanent. This also you are at a higher risk of developing with darker skin types. Blistering is rare, but it can occur, generally within the first two hours of the procedure, if you do get a blister, ice it down and by all means do not pick at it, it will scar.

The patient may be let down due to the fact that it just may not be possible to get the results they were hoping for, some skin issues although they respond well to the initial treatment, return within a few months.

There are no government regulations to guide who can own and operate an IPL machine, so before you have the procedure done, make sure that it is done at a

doctor’s office as opposed to a spa or somewhere along those lines. Having it done by a trained medical professional is the best way to avoid any complication following an IPL.

Who Should and Should Not Consider IPL

IPL, is considered to be a great choice for those with very busy lives, as it does not take a very long time, it is done in the doctor’s office, and can be done in about 10-20 minutes and there is no recovery time, so you are pretty much in and out. So if you have any skin darkening issues, unwanted hair, red splotches, scarring from acne or other concerns, then it may be time to find out if you are a candidate.

The best possible candidate for this procedure are people with very white, un-tanned skin, being as the less amount of sun your skin has been exposed to the more elastic it tends to be naturally. People with tanned or very naturally dark skin tones sometimes will experience changes in the skins pigmentation that will be uneven to the eye. African Americans and people of Italian, Greek , Spanish and Middle Eastern decent should talk to their doctor about the side effects of the procedure before doing hand.

If you have been on the medication such as Accutane you should not have an IPL procedure for at least six months after you stop taking this medication. If you are pregnant, you should wait until after the baby is born to have the IPL treatment.

If you have considered have an abrasive treatment such as a laser treatment, you should speak to your doctor first about having an IPL to see if it may be a better choice for you and your needs. Although the IPL may take more treatments, they are much less invasive and the risk of complications is much less with the IPL than that of a laser treatment.

The only true way to know what is right for you is for you sit down and have a consultation with your doctor, he will be able to advise you on what is best for you situation.

About the Author: Ask for a free

IPL treatment

consultation at Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Sydney, Australia. Dr Andrew Kim is a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon that performs other surgeries such as hair transplant, rhinoplasty, double eyelids and liposuction with great success!


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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Which Surgeon Should I See? Jul 19

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Submitted by: John Ash

Cosmetic surgery clinics are open to give patients many options for improving their looks and health. People get cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Procedures like facial surgeries, tummy tucks, and breast surgeries are available at most Cosmetic surgery clinics.

There are several different surgeries that cosmetic surgery clinics perform on people’s faces. The classic facelift is designed to create a more youthful look to the face and neck. It improves sagging around the middle of the face. A cosmetic surgery clinic facelift will make deep creases between the nose and mouth and under the eyelids seem to disappear. It also helps eliminate jowly and fatty look in the lower face.

Eyelid surgery is another choice at cosmetic surgery clinics. It not only firms up drooping, sagging skin for appearance’s sake. It is also a health issue for many people, since cutting excess skin from their upper eyelids allows them to see better.

Nose surgery is another procedure done at surgery clinics that can have consequences for both appearance and health. Some people have trouble breathing because their nasal passages are not correctly formed. Nose surgery helps these people, as well as people who just do not like the looks of their noses.


Many people like to get injectable fillers to help plump up their lips or erase small wrinkles or scars on their faces. This is a relatively simple procedure, with fat usually taken from the abdomen or thigh. Skin resurfacing can also be done to give the face a better look. Lasers and pulsed light are used.

Tummy tucks are available at clinics around the Country. Some of the abdominal fat and skin are removed. The abdominal wall is tightened as well. A lesser version of the tummy tuck is liposuction. In this case, there is no skin to be removed and the abdominal wall is still intact.

Many people want to have breast procedures done. Some of these procedures are done because one feels one will feel more attractive when it is done. Others are done to correct actual flaws or surgical losses.

Breast augmentation is for women who feel that their breasts are too small. They want fuller breasts that balance out the proportions of their figure. They have the surgery to improve their self-image and confidence. Implants are pre-filled or filled during surgery to get just the right size.

People may go to cosmetic surgery clinics for a breast lift. This is a procedure in which extra skin is removed, the nipple is raised into place, and the breast tissue is tightened. It can also reduce areolas that have become too large over time.

Men who have enlarged breasts suffer from a problem called gynecomastia. This is an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can correct this problem and help men to feel better about their bodies.

Many people want to improve their bodies. Cosmetic surgery doctors are ready and able to perform these procedures. One only needs to check out the credentials of the doctor. Then, one can follow the advice of the doctor in getting the work accomplished.

About the Author: John is a contributor to

Connecticut Cosmetic Surgery and Surgeon website

, which has helped hundreds of people gather information about Cosmetic Surgery in CT.


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Recipe For Relaxation: Bubbles, Bath Oils And Bath Salts Jun 13

By Katie Y. Brooks

Had a stressful week, tiring day or a tough job, relax with a nice warm bath. Need some time to unwind and pamper self, take a luxurious bath to indulge self. Add to the indulgence with bath salts, bath oils and the ever favorite bath bubbles. Who needs to go to a spa if you can luxuriate right in your own home?

Have that important date tonight and feeling too tired for it? Use bath salts in your bath to take away the soreness from your tired muscles. Refresh yourself for the rest of the evening by taking a shower or bath with our bath salts or bath oils and bath bubbles. Go ahead and enjoy your date or the party. Leave everyone wondering about the secret behind your energy levels and fresh look even after a tiring day.

Plenty of products are available on online shops, offline bath and body shops, rejuvenating spas and even at the department stores around the corner. Tempting products in attractive colors and heady fragrances are available everywhere but are they as good as they look?


You may be surprised to know most products are good for your body. Bath salts work wonders on dry skin and sore muscles. Their mild fragrances help relax. You can do away with wrinkled skin after a long bath, when you use bath salts. They help protect your skin from dryness. Use phosphate bath salts for easy exfoliation and softening calloused skin. Enjoy the young and fresh skin that follows. All you need to do is add a few table spoons of bath salt to the warm bath water. Soak relax and rejuvenate.

Bath oils are made from essential oils which impart their medicinal qualities and fragrance to the oil. Each of these essential oils has their unique benefits. Use eucalyptus and rosemary to ease aching muscles, sandalwood and rosewood to add life and zest to your skin. These oils are available in the form of bath beads too. Choose the one you need to enjoy the unique benefits of aroma therapy at home. They will soothe your senses and uplift your spirit. All you need to do is to add a cup full of essential oils in the running water, stir and ease yours elf into the bath tub. Relax and enjoy the benefits of bath oils.

Bubble baths have been a hot favorite ever since you were a kid. The luxurious feel of soaking in a bath tub filled with foam is unmatched. You can enjoy a longer bath as the bubbles help keep the water warm for a longer duration. Add a couple of capfuls of the foam to your bath tub as you fill it. The bath will be soon bubbling away. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a relaxing bath.

If you have never tried a bubble bath then you are missing out on a very relaxing and rewarding experience. Do away with your doubts with a long soak in the bath. Step out feeling fresh and energized for the evening.

About the Author: Katie Y. Brooks writes for, a consumer-rated hair salon and beauty product directory. For press release and media inquiries, Katie can be contacted here.


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Otoplasty: A Simple Procedure To Correct Protruding Ears Aug 23

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Submitted by: Abigail Aaronson

Otoplasty (or ear surgery) is a very simple, straight-forward procedure to correct prominent, protruding, and large ears. This surgery is designed for children and adults alike.

It is performed by a qualified and certified surgeon, who specializes in facial and ear surgeries. Before considering this type of surgery, you may be curious to know whether you are a good candidate for the surgery and what the surgery entails. This article will attempt to address those issues.

As mentioned, both adults and children can have otoplasty. Children as young as four years old have been known to have this procedure. Other kids can be cruel in their treatment of children with large, protruding ears. Correcting these problems early will help children stay off unnecessary comments and ridicule.


Although adults are able to have otoplasty, better results are seen in children because their ears are more mold-able. Before you have the surgery, you will have a consultation with the plastic surgeon. During this visit, she will assess you for general good health.

There are complications that would preclude you from this type of surgery including severe heart disease and possibly even hypertension. All in all, most people are able to undergo the surgery without any difficulty. It is important to maintain a positive attitude towards surgery.

There is definitely pain and uncomfortable swelling that often accompanies most surgeries. However, medication can be provided to minimize these discomforts. The surgery is relatively simple. It begins with the surgeon cutting behind the ear. The natural fold between the head and where the ear bends will be cut.

After this layer of skin is removed, the surgeon then removes cartilage and molds the ear into a more desirable look. Afterwards, the surgeon sutures the remaining cartilage and replaces part of the skin fold. Sometimes, cartilage does not need to be removed. This is because it is sufficient for a suture to anchor the ear into position. The benefit of this simple suture technique is that it is less invasive and allows for quicker healing.

After the surgery, a bandage is applied to the surgical site for a couple of days. Because of the incisions, it will be impossible to take a shower until the bandages are removed and there is no evidence of infection in the surgical site.

However, baths and sponge bathing is appropriate as long as the ears and head do not get wet. As mentioned, it is possible that there will be some discomfort, but the surgeon is able to prescribe medications to minimize the pain. If she does not, over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be used to decrease the pain discomfort.

Also, because of the nature of the surgery, a headband may be recommended to keep the ears in their proper position for a few weeks. By not wearing this headband, the effects of the surgery may not be as good as intended. If the headband is uncomfortable, it is best to discuss this issue with your surgeon, who may be able to make other arrangements for you.

Otoplasty is a simple procedure that can correct a very unsightly look of the ears. Although there is some pain and risk involved in the process, the outcomes usually outweigh the risks. Most surgeries are completed without any complications. For further consideration, you may want to consult with you family care provider.

About the Author: Otoplasty surgeon customizes his techniques to suit your need and enhance both your aesthetic features and the natural functionality of your body. To learn more about the techniques he uses, visit


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