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The Used Piano Bench: Advice On Acquiring And Usage} Aug 09

The Used Piano Bench: Advice on Acquiring and Usage


Emily Kleiberg

A used piano bench is often sought after as a replacement for an existing bench that is in disrepair or is lost. Various models can be found at second hand shops and at classified websites. The type of piano you own and the surrounding dcor will determine the model and type of usage thats required.

One of the primary concerns when buying a used bench is the overall condition and structural soundness. Daily usage of a piano bench requires a healthy condition, free of cracks or fractures in the wooden frame. Careful examination of the bench prior to purchase will determine if the particular find is worthy of consideration.

The most common models available in the used market are older upright piano benches, usually with a plain wood top and music storage compartment inside. Another model that is also quite prevalent is the piano stool, or organ stool, while being highly decorative; they are not suitable for normal usage. Among older grand pianos, the piano chair was often supplied, while this particular type is suitable for normal usage many older models are in a state of poor condition.

Many consumers seek a used piano bench because they feel the price is lower than a new one or that the older model is more suitable for their piano. However, carefully examining the market will reveal that a new piano bench is usually the best investment, being available in many models some being re-creations of older antique benches. Normal usage also requires a healthy bench, buying a new bench will insure that you always have stable piano seating.

If purchasing an old bench seems too complicated and risky, you may want to consider purchasing new rather than take the chance on a

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The Used Piano Bench: Advice on Acquiring and Usage }

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