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Sports Watches: A Form Of Subtle Communication Aug 22

Sports Watches: A form of subtle communication


Stuart Wallace

The role of watches in the world has drastically changed. From being an accessory for keeping track of time, they are now used to flaunt the spending capacity of an individual. Designer watches have even become a great way of finding out the tastes and preferences of a person. The kind of image they want to portray to strangers and friends alike.

Watches are worn by some for style and others for showcasing their personality. A major type of watch series which highlights the more adventurous side of a person is luxury sports watches. There are many brands out there which offer exquisitely designed but still fairly rugged watches for people who like to lead the rough life.

Such watches go a long way in helping an individual make a good impression when they meet new people. Sports watches from luxury brands like Adidas, Oakley and Bolle bring a whole new meaning to the phrase looking rough and tough .


There are different collections of beautifully crafted digital as well as analogue sports watches. Each one is a work of art in its own right and thus caters to the needs and tastes of a wide number of individuals. Some have leather straps, steel traps and some may even have a combination of the two. The watch itself could have many variations in the type of style, shape and material used.

There are many watches luxury especially sports watches which have a host of built-in functions such as an Altimeter, Chronometer, water resistant and all that complimented with a very tough and durable strap. Certain watches have a scratch resistant dial and some of them by Casio Watches are shock proof, meaning they can withstand high impacts and shocks. Still others have even more features which are unique and native to certain regions and places.

Each and every sports watch has a certain characteristic charm and allure. There is a watch meant for everyone out there, just right according to their needs and taste s. One just has to look around online and search for the best luxury sports watches. A little research here and there on the web can surely help you in finding the right one.

This subtle form of communication should be paid special attention by any person who want make a decent impression in the first meeting. When one does not have the power of oral communication, body language and what you are wearing is all that can help you stand apart. And watches play a large part in this game we call socialization.

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