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US adds 173,000 jobs in August; unemployment rate drops to seven year low
Oct 11

Monday, September 7, 2015

The US economy added 173,000 jobs in August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. The unemployment rate fell from 5.3 to 5.1 percent, the lowest since April 2008.

Although August job gains were lower than most economists forecast, job growth numbers for June and July were revised upwards by a combined 44,000. Average job gains over the past three months stand at 221,000, compared to March-May’s 189,000 monthly average. Over the past twelve months, job growth has averaged 247,000 per month.

Average hourly earnings rose 0.3 percent, or 8 cents, marking the largest increase in earnings in seven months. Hourly earnings had risen by 6 cents in July. Wages have risen by 2.2 percent over the past year.

Job growth in August was primarily concentrated in the health care and social assistance, financial activities, and professional and business services sectors. Those three areas of the economy added a combined 108,000 jobs. Food service and drinking places employment increased by 26,000 over the month, and other economic sectors saw employment hold steady. Manufacturing, on the other hand, saw employment decline by 17,000 in August. A stronger dollar and worldwide economic weakness make US exports less desirable, leading to a flattening in manufacturing employment so far this year after steadily rising in the early years of the US economic recovery.

The solid overall job gains led analysts to slightly raise expectations for a decision by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this month. Investors raised the likelihood of a September rate increase from 26 percent before the jobs report to 30 percent, and stocks dropped by over one percent on Friday. “The payrolls data is certainly good enough to allow for a Fed rate hike in September,” said Deutsche Bank’s head of currency strategy, Alan Ruskin. “The big question is still whether financial market volatility will scupper the plans.”

“This is the first time the market has looked at a Fed meeting and really has no idea what the Fed is going to do,” said Mark Kepner, a New Jersey equity trader with Themis Trading. “Right now you’re looking at the overall uncertainty and that’s what’s hanging on the market. I don’t think this number in and of itself changes how somebody’s going to vote.”

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Wikinews interviews U.S. Libertarian Party potential presidential candidate R.J. Harris
Oct 10

Friday, June 17, 2011

R.J. Harris, a potential candidate for the U.S. Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, took some time to speak with Accredited Wikinews Reporter William Saturn about his campaign and issues positions.

Harris is an officer in the United States Army National Guard, currently serving in Afghanistan. He is also in his third year as a law student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Harris previously worked as an Air Traffic Controller and small business owner. He plans to enter the race in September after completing his tour in Afghanistan.

Others seeking the nomination include Libertarian activist R. Lee Wrights, radio host Jim Duensing, former Nevada Libertarian Party chair Jim Burns, marketing executive Roger Gary and attorney Carl Person. 2008 Vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root is also expected to make a run.

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Small Business And Tax Responsibilities} Oct 09

Submitted by: Naz Daud

Make no mistake, in business everyone has their own tax responsibilities they must be aware of. It certainly pays to always get your own tax advice and input from professional sources. Good accountants cost money but they can also save you greater amounts through good tax advice.

But with that said, when it comes to running your own business we are all responsible for making sure we meet our tax demands. If our business earns enough to put us into a position where we need to pay tax, we need to ensure we have the money set aside to do so.

YouTube Preview Image

This is where some small business owners come unstuck. For example your business may earn enough in a year to warrant getting a 500 tax bill at the end of the business year. Now if you dont work this out as you go along and put that money aside, you will probably still be able to find it, as it is a relatively small amount of money for many small business owners.

But supposing your business does really well and ends up with a tax bill of 25,000? To get a tax bill for this amount you really have to be earning a decent amount of money. You now have to find a large chunk of cash in one hit when it is time to pay the tax. Would you be able to find that cash?

The easiest way to do it is to get into good habits right from the very start. It isnt necessary to know exactly how much tax you will have to pay if you set a plan in motion from the beginning. A good way to go is to put aside roughly 10% of every single payment you receive as income. Set up a separate business savings accounts to put this into if you can; it is far easier to keep the money set aside rather than merely thinking of it in that way but keeping it with the rest of your cash flow.

Ten per cent might not be enough to cover all your outgoings in terms of both tax but it will certainly cover a good percentage of it. The good news is that when your tax bill comes in you will have a large percentage put away. If you still have some funds remaining in your savings account after paying the tax bill, you can either save the remainder for the next tax payment, or take the extra money out and reinvest it in the business, or pay yourself a bonus and buy a special treat. For example you might use it to treat yourself to a holiday.

The point is that by allocating a set percentage like this to tax, you should be able to cover everything without fear of coming up short. So even if you have a bumper business year and you end up with a large tax bill, you will have some in reserve to meet it. And that is far better than panicking and wondering where the money will come from.

About the Author: Naz Daud CityLocal UK

UK BusinessesUK Featured BusinessesSmall Business Tax


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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Bill Bernhardt, Kitchener Centre
Oct 07

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bill Bernhardt is running for the Family Coalition Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Kitchener Centre riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Please note that Bill provided his answers in “ALL CAPS”; due to the time constraints of this election coverage, it remains in this typographic style.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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Give The Gift Of Mental Emotional Health} Oct 06

Submitted by: Victor Camille Lebouthillier

At Alive for Wellness, our team specializes in helping people who are experiencing relationship issues or whose relationships arent exactly what they would like them to be. Whether they are having problems at work or at home or they are experiencing relationship issues with their family, friends or co-workers, we provide our clients with the specialized tools that will help them take care of their issues and improve their relationships.

The Alive for Wellness team, led by Vic LeBouthillier, knows that relationship problems, regardless of their origin, can interfere with all aspects of life. This is why they know that mastery of the relationship tools that they teach will give individuals the freedom to move on and live their lives fully.

Vic and the Alive for Wellness team hold a number of core beliefs that form the basis of their system of support. They firmly believe that all people, regardless of health and income status, deserve the support they need to experience physical, emotional, and social well-being. The team believes that everyone deserves to experience solid, stable relationships that are rewarding, healthy, and fulfilling. And not least, they are committed to the belief that mental-emotional health problems are surmountable. In other words, the issues can be overcome and resolved, and that you can be productive and happy once again.

The Alive team doesnt just offer directions, as if all a good relationship needs is a good recipe found in some cookbook., The Alive team walks the walk right next to you. They take you by the hand and guide you, each and every step of the way. They help you clear the path. And, they help you walk down the path. It takes effort. It takes consistency. It takes constancy. It takes hard work. But, you will reach the end and the Alive team will be there with you, walking beside you during the entire journey.

You might not be in need of our services right now. However, there is a good chance that there is someone in your family, at your business, or in your life who is. More than you may realize, there is someone who can benefit from our specialized professional services to help them regain control of their life and their relationships. They just may not be ready or even willing to seek out, on their own, the help they need. We can provide that service for them, and you can be the conduit to make that happen.

Whether you are suffering from a relationship fracture or you want to improve and strengthen your existing relationships, reach out and let us here at Alive help you to develop the necessary skills. Remember, just as good mental health needs healthy relationships, healthy relationships need good mental health. To learn more about how the Alive for Wellness program can help you or a loved one overcome a mental or emotional health or relationship struggle, please contact our clinical director, Mr. Vic Lebouthillier by phone at 250-862-1927 or by email; or visit for more information.

About the Author: Vic is President of Health Factors where he leads a team of clinical researchers whose focus is keeping abreast of the latest findings in the field of advanced behavioral science, to increase treatment effectiveness. Vic is also Clinical Director at the Alive Wellness Centre, an in-patient program for people seeking mental health well-being. Health Factors has been internationally recognized and used in 23 countries by both private and government clinics, insurance companies, and university clinical training programs and has received the following awards and recognition: 1. The United Kingdom Medipex National Health mental health Innovation of the year Award.2. Placed on the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence-based Practices.3. Received three Benjamin Franklin publishing awards.4. Approved US Military contractor and used on more than seven military bases.5.Selected partner with Mental Health Commission of Canada to promote workplace best practices.Visit here

for more recent updates about mental health.


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Immediate life insurance website launched, first in world
Oct 06

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The first website in the world allowing consumers to buy life insurance online instantly has been launched today, targeting specifically New Zealanders.

The website, run by life insurance company Pinnacle Life, allows New Zealanders in many countries in the world to buy life insurance online without the need for a medical examination. Once the application has been approved, which is done immediately, the consumer can receive a $500,000 life insurance policy via an automatic e-mail. However, if certain conditions have been highlighted, then person to person contact is required to finalise the process.

Ed Saul, senior partner and architect of the new website, says, “We’re giving consumers a quicker and easier way to buy life insurance. Instead of submitting an application form and waiting days for a policy to be approved and issued, we do it online and we do it immediately.”

“The revolutionary website gives consumers complete control over the buying process whilst eliminating the previously obligatory involvement of people and paper. This is a global test case eagerly watched by the insurance industry around the world,” Mr Saul said.

When applying online, a few typical questions are asked on personal information and if the applicant has had any previous illnesses or diseases.

The countries where New Zealand citizens are allowed to apply are UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.

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Concierge? Whats That? Learn The Origin Of Concierge} Oct 04

Concierge? Whats that? Learn the origin of Concierge


JackieStewartMany people are becoming familiar with the term “concierge,”, however very few know the origin of this customer-service based profession. The word “concierge” evolves from the French comte Descierges, the “keeper of the candler,” a term that referred to the servant who attended to the whims of visiting noblemen at medieval castles. Eventually, the name “concierge” came to stand for keeper of the keys at public buildings, especially hotels. Regardless of the origin, hotels from around the world were the first ones to adopt the concierge idea and offer the service to their guests. Today, independent concierge companies have brought this ancient service to the modern world so that now everyone has access to them.The question still remains as to what exactly is a concierge? Many say that it is a short term or another word for personal assistant.The concierge industry came into existence about 10-15 years ago and started with a few brave pioneers who took the hotel concierge idea and decided to offer it to the corporate world. You can now find concierge everywhere; in hospitals, malls, corporations, apartment buildings, office buildings, airports, colleges, associations, churches and so on. You could sum up the state of the industry in two words, extraordinary growth.We all manage and balance our tasks and important assignments every day, and since many people dont have a personal assistant to make the phone calls and run the errands for them, they try and cram them into the weekend and on their lunch hour during the week. In fact, many people feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Although the concierge industry is fairly new, the number of companies that are catering to time-starved people is skyrocketing as is the customer demand for such businesses. Why? Simple, people are trying to squeeze 36 hours into a 24-hour day.Here are a few services that are currently offered by concierge companies:

Search for tickets to concerts and special events

Transportation Services

Business Referral Service

Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations

Dry cleaning pick-up/delivery

Grocery shopping

Pet services

Senior care

Modified house sitting

Tickets to concerts and special events

Travel and Vacation Planning

Meeting and Event Planning

Concierge services are also a terrific new work/life benefit as corporations begin to offer these services to their employees and clients. Concierges are being added to hospitals, universities, shopping malls, airports and more. Certainly Concierge services are the wave of the future.

Jackie Stewart is a

personal concierge

for a business executive. She has discussed her experience and the concepts and importance of



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Texas Commissioner of Agriculture visits schools to kick off National School Lunch Week
Oct 04

Saturday, October 16, 2010

US Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples visited Orr Elementary school in Tyler, Texas on Wednesday to kick off National School Lunch week for the state. Commissioner Staples spoke to over 200 students during lunch about the importance of eating healthy. “During the old days, the Three R’s in school meant ‘Reading, ‘Writing and ‘Arithmetic’ […] but I want you students to remember the three E’s: Education, Exercise and Eating right,” he stated.

The Commissioner asked students a variety of questions about state trivia such as the names of the state bird, the state tree and the state fruit. Students who answered correctly were awarded prizes.

During a short press conference following, Commissioner Staples stated his concerns regarding the health of children in Texas: “Current indications are that over 30 percent of children in [the United States of] America are struggling with childhood obesity. Estimates indicate that this issue alone can cost this county one-billion dollars in healthcare costs per year in the future.” “I applaud the city of Tyler for taking the Fit City challenge,” the Commisioner further stated.

National School Lunch Week runs from October 11th–15th. President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation naming October 11th–15th the National School Lunch Week.

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Wikinews’ overview of the year 2007
Oct 04

Monday, December 31, 2007

What would you tell your grandchildren about 2007 if they asked you about it in, let’s say, 20 year’s time? If the answer to a quiz question was 2007, what would the question be? The year that you first signed on to Facebook? The year Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse fell apart? The year author Kurt Vonnegut or mime Marcel Marceau died, both at 84?

Let’s take a look at some of the international stories of 2007. Links to the original Wikinews articles are in bold.

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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate
Oct 03

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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