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Obvious Signs Of A Work From Home Scam Aug 24

By Jim Sperlich

A new phenomenon amongst home business entrepreneurs is the small business owner who might manufacture something that in and of itself will not provide enough income to see her or him through financially, but in a way provides a nice little side line income. These entrepreneurs may have four or five sidelines going on at the same time and when totaling up the profits of all their little ventures, it soon becomes obvious that this will be sufficient to keep them in business and also pay the bills. Thus, the one trick pony is exchanged for the multifaceted entrepreneur who is able to make money by selling, manufacturing and maybe even providing some services.

Yet interestingly it is these very entrepreneurs who are the most susceptible to some of the oldest Internet scams in the book! They may be taken by slick websites and smooth promises those who focus on one industry may not fall for, simply because they do not fit within the precepts of this industry. Some of these scams are designed specifically as sidelines or hobbyist income opportunities and thus they seek to capitalize on this very breed of entrepreneur that is beginning to emerge from the home business industry.


Obvious signs of a work from home scam that this group of entrepreneurs needs to look out for is legion, but here are some of the most commonly found:

Sideline business entrepreneurs need to beware of any website that does not appear to market an actual program or service but instead seems to be little more than a long jumble of claims to make you rich overnight with part time work that you might even be able to accomplish while you sleep. You will find them strewn all across the Net and they crop up at the oddest times, but by and large the investment required is so small as to be negligible in the eyes of the sideline entrepreneur. Sometimes it is less than $100, while at other times the magic number seems to be $29.99. Beware! Your investment will offer you little more than the instructions on how to set up the kind of website which you just visited and basically requires you to con others into parting with their money so that you can send them an information package on how to set up a con site.

Survey taking is another favorite sideline. While there are some reputable sites that will actually pay you for your opinion, the facts of the matter dictate that more often than not the pool of possible survey takers must be as large as possible, while the actual sample selected is very small and select. Unless you meet all of the qualifications associated with the survey sample, you will not be chosen and earn the money for your answers. Thus, this is not a realistic sideline business.

Beware the fad product. It is tempting to sell the latest fad diet product, knowing that within a few short weeks or months it will become obsolete and join the plethora of others on the shelves. Remember, however, that this is part of a multi level marketing effort which will not net you as much money as you could earn simply because you will be unable to capitalize on the recruitment income you would otherwise earn from your qualified down line. If you want to go into multi level marketing, find a product that has some sticking power!

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