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Low Rate Home Equity Loan Tips For Getting The Lowest Rate Sep 12

By Carrie Reeder

Interest rates for home equity loans vary. Those with a high credit rating can expect prime rates, whereas those with a few credit problems are charged slightly higher rates for a home equity loan. With any sort of loan, getting a low rate is important. Fortunately, there are things a homeowner can do to increase the likelihood of getting a low rate on their home equity loan.

Understand How Credit Scores Affects Loan Interest Rates

The primary tool lenders use to determine a suitable interest rate is our credit scores. This three digit number plays a huge role. Sadly, many do not recognize the importance of maintaining a good credit history. True, many lenders offer home equity loans to people with bad credit. Thus, good credit is not mandatory. Still, better credit ratings equal lower interest rates. Those with lower rates save money.


Improving credit rating is not hard. There are three key factors to keep in mind. Keep credit card balances low. Make regular payments to creditors. Lastly, avoid skipped or missed payments. Even with an excessive amount of debt, it is possible to maintain a positive credit rating by agreeing to the following three.

Apply for a Home Equity Loan with Existing Mortgage Lender

When looking for a home equity loan, you can choose any lender. In some cases, your existing lender may offer an acceptable low rate. Before beginning your search, contact the lender and request a no-obligation quote. Mortgage lenders hate to lose business. If you are a customer with a good payment history, the lender will likely bend over backwards to keep your business.

Shop Around and Make Loan Comparisons

Your existing mortgage lender may or may not offer the lowest rate. Before choosing a lender, request additional quotes from other home equity lenders. Quotes are necessary because they offer estimated interest rates, loan terms, and monthly payments. This way, you do not accept a loan blindly. Once you obtain three or four quotes, compare all loan offers. Finally, pick the offer with the lowest interest rate. The last step involves submitting a formal application

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