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Insurance Protection For Motor Vehicles An Utter Necessity Jun 11

Submitted by: Santiago Demery

If you don’t own auto coverage you simply need to have your car hijacked, stolen or damaged in an automobile collision one time to realize just how important it is to have auto insurance coverage. That being said, it isn’t very pleasant to learn how essential car cover is after the fact, so to speak. If you’ve taken out insurance before something occurs, though, then the circumstances could be a lot less nerve-racking for you if catastrophe does happen to strike.

Many companies do offer mechanical malfunction insurance or what is probably called a prolonged warranty whereby the premium for this is worked out against the age of your automobile and the quantity kilometers on the clock. Expensive repairs for your car may also be cared for by your insurance company once your car may be out of the warranty it had at the time you bought it. Things like faulty power steering, the malfunction of the air-con, the prop shaft or electric failure can actually take a significant chunk out of your regular monthly salary. There’s no way you can continue to drive the car with these difficulties, maybe the air conditioning is not so critical, however with the temperature increasing in our country, it could be a necessity to some people. Plain auto insurance does not include electric or mechanical failure, so you have to pay attention to exactly what is covered in your policy so that you do not get a huge expensive bill to pay for.


Insurance for cars is a non-negotiable financial outlay – it is important to be covered. Some companies offer insurance policies that take care of your healthcare expenses for anybody who is in an accident or are disabled – or heaven forbid – killed. And don’t kid yourself, medical costs can build up rapidly depending on the severity of the personal injuries. More often than not, there are certain medical professionals and procedures that will fall just outside of your medical aid coverage. Serious injuries can prevent you from ever going back to work and then what exactly are you likely to do? You will need a policy that provides you and your family a payout simply for living without your pay. In the event that you are regrettably killed – there’s also a payout policy that will take care of your family just for you. So put your thoughts at rest and ask about these car insurance policies sooner rather than later.

As always ensure the organization or personal agent you deal with is correctly licensed to sell insurance protection for cars and they sell their plans in line with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). There are policies for every eventuality linked to insurance for cars and you also have to read the fine print and understand exactly what it insures. Critical car problems or disabling accidents or death can leave you in a very precarious financial predicament – so don’t delay until something happens – act now and get what you want. You really won’t regret your decision.

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