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How Serious Is Teen Depression?} Oct 18

Submitted by: Sharon Campbell

Teen depression is not different from adult depression. It is not just a mere act of rebellion or an exaggeration of sad emotions. Like the one affecting adults, this type of depression can also be a serious psychological condition which can bring about severe consequences in their lives. Teenage years are the time for exploring and identifying ones personality. With depression, it makes it harder for them to decide who and what they want to become in their lives.

A lot of factors can cause teen depression. The most common reason is peer pressure. This happens when they cannot achieve what is expected of their peers from them or when they face consequences in life for following after their peers. Failure in their academic responsibilities or the pressure they feel when their parents tell them they should excel can also make them feel depressed. With the influence of media and celebrities, body figure and the way they perceive themselves can also put them at risk for this condition. Depression can be hereditary. When they have a family member who has undergone or is suffering from depression, they may also experience it. Traumatic events such as accidents, abuse or loss of a loved one can make them feel depressed.


Depression can have a grave effect in teens. Others may result to alcohol and drug abuse, thinking that alcohol and drugs can make them forget about their depression. Some result to hurting themselves, like cutting their skin and even commit suicide. Depressed teens can isolate themselves from their family, causing misunderstanding and their society, making it hard for them to reach out to others.

In order to cope with depression, parents and family members must be active in the treatment of the teen. Learn about depression, what causes it, how it can be prevented and ways it can be treated. Show the teen that you are ready to support and stick with them throughout the healing process. Parents need to talk to their child. A good relationship between parents and children can help a lot in making the teen feel that he or she is not alone and is not left behind. Let your teen talk to a psychologist or a counselor. It is important that the teen can talk to a professional about his or her feelings, concerns, fears and emotions. The professionals know how to ask the right questions and have the answers to the possible questions that the teen might ask regarding their condition. Prevent them from isolating themselves by personally inviting them to join in family activities and get-togethers. Even just by eating dinner together as a family can already make them feel better. Since most of them are attracted to drugs and alcohol, steer them away from these dangerous substances. Drugs and alcohol may relieve them from depression temporarily, but an abuse of these can just worsen the way they are feeling. Allow them to rest, from pressures and stress that they may feel from their environment. Give them time for themselves so that they can also contemplate and heal on their own.

Teen depression is not something that can be taken for granted, thinking that it is not at all serious. Depression is not part o being a teenager. Teenagers must be allowed to explore and express without harming themselves.

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