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What Are Your Retirement Plan Options When Leaving Your Company May 24

What Are Your Retirement Plan Options When Leaving Your Company


Shane Flait

What options do you have with your company plan when you leave? A 401(k) is a typical company retirement plan, so I\’ll use it to illustrate the options you have with it.

You contributed to your 401(k) through tax deductible contributions and, possibly, some company matching contributions. All earnings are tax-deferred. So your funds will be subjected to income taxation when you withdraw from it.

Three options for handling your 401(k) when you leave your company are:

* Keeping it with that company

* Taking a distribution of your funds, or

* Rolling your 401(k) into another qualified plan…


Here are the pros and cons of each of these options:

-Keeping it with that company

You can simply leave your 401(k) with the company. Doing so keeps it under the investment control of the company though – and you can\’t contribute to it any more if it\’s there.

If there\’s too little in your 401(k) account, the company may force you to take it or it may rolled it into an IRA assigned to you.

One benefit is that assets held within a company plan often have more protection from claims than assets held in accounts controlled by you.

-Taking a distribution of your funds

You can have your funds distributed to you. But that\’ll trigger income taxation for all the funds distributed to you in that year. That can be a lot of taxation – especially if the distribution is added to that year\’s working income. And IRS rules require your company to withhold 20% of your distribution for tax purposes.

If you\’re under 591/2, you\’ll also have to pay a 10% penalty tax in addition to the income tax on the distribution. Wow, that makes it heavily taxed! But if you\’re laid off, there\’s no penalty tax if you\’re 55 or older.

-Rolling your 401(k) into another qualified plan

Lastly, you can rollover your 401(k) into another qualified plan. This could be your IRA or the tax-deferred retirement plan of another company you\’re working for – or going to shortly.

Both these types of rollovers can be tax-free; but you have to request your company to do a direct rollover to them

If you choose to roll it over into an IRA, you should create a new IRA specifically for holding the 401(k) distribution – and nothing else. Such a specially set-up IRA for holding company rollovers allows federal asset protection rules to cover its full amount no matter how much it is.

-What about Roth plans?

Rolling your tax-deferred company plan into a Roth IRA will subject the rollover to income taxation.

If you\’ve a company Roth 401(k) plan, you can roll that into your Roth IRA tax-free. Interestingly, your Roth IRA has no minimum required distributions, but the Roth 401(k) plan at your company does. So it\’s best to roll it into your own specially set-up Roth IRA to hold that company distribution. And, of course, make sure your company transfers it directly to your designated IRA.

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Is Assisted Living San Diego Fair To Your Parents?} Feb 03

Submitted by: Pamala Irwin

If you have not assessed the viability of San Diego independent living for your parents, you may be overlooking a terrific option. Unfortunately, your parents’ old age will inevitably lead to a decrease in their function. This is all a part of the cycle of life. Sentimentality aside, you should face the facts that an assisted living community in San Diego will help you and your parents in their retirement.

People with aging parents find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. They either have to shoulder the burden of taking care of their parents themselves or surrender their duty to a independent living community. Some cultures, particularly those in Asia, consider the latter option distasteful, but it does not have to be this way. You will get to see your parents as often as you please while leaving the unfortunate duties to the medical professionals.


A San Diego retirement community has its high and low points like many businesses do. Primarily, medical attention is available 24/7. Each San Diego independent living center is staffed with accredited nurses and doctors who are trained to work with geriatrics. You are aware that they are getting certified assistance for all sorts of events. Other than that, you are running the risk of something happening requiring immediate medical attention, like a fall. In the hands of the San Diego assisted living staff, you can be sure your loved ones are receiving professional care.

The second benefit is that you get an opportunity to breathe. You do have to accept the facts that you cannot just take care of your parents, your kids, your job and your personal life without compromising one or the other. Often, constantly being around an ailing parent with no respite can really strain familial relations and be extremely difficult on your children. By taking your parents to a San Diego nursing home, you create a win/win situation. They benefit from the enhanced care, and you benefit from the fact you don’t have to use all your time on caring for them. Remember, your parents do not want you to stop living your life so that you can prolong theirs. It really is the best of both worlds. You can visit your parents as often as you would like. This means that your interactions are more likely to involve actual conversations rather than you having to play doctor. There are many assisted living San Diego homes for you to choose from and all of them offer spacious living quarters, numerous amenities and activities such as group interaction sessions, health centers and others. So when you need to decide quickly or have any questions on elder care or anytime that you have any questions or concerns in respect to retirement homes or nursing homes, feel free to reach out and speak to someone and search on line for a reputable eldercare referral services for assisted living in San Diego.

About the Author: Independent Living San Diego information is available at


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Gaining High Returns With Real Estate Investment In Mumbai Sep 24

Gaining High Returns with Real Estate Investment in Mumbai


Oberoi Realty

The real estate investment in Mumbai is in great demand and has risen greatly. Some of the major reasons for this rise include the favourable location of this city and high investment returns from the properties. Also, known as the financial capital of India, the city is witnessing a record rise in the property prices. Today, the real estate prices here are at par with the highest property prices in the world. The property developers in this city are also investing huge amounts in the residential as well as commercial properties with a great gusto. However, investing in a property in Mumbai is quite a difficult job and one needs to study the different aspects of real estate while buying a property.


Good real estate developments are often categorized on the basis of the developer, the locality of that particular project, the amenities offered, and the area of the apartment. All these things together make a property worth buying. Now, let us take a look at some of the important aspects that will help you in buying a home for yourself. One of the primary things people must look into while buying a home is the developer who is promoting that property. It is highly recommended that people must buy properties in Mumbai from prominent developers. The major reason for choosing well-known developers is that they are experts and offer you the best. Hence, make sure you only select the developers who are renowned and possess enormous experience in the real estate developments.

Another important aspect to consider while searching for a real estate investment in Mumbai is the locality in which you are looking forward to buying your home. Once you are sure about the locality, start searching for properties in that area. People looking to buy properties as an investment should prefer luxurious projects over the ordinary. The flourishing plush projects in Mumbai are gaining great demands and are highly recommended as an investment option. However, very few builders today are able to develop luxurious apartments that too with an international standard. Therefore, make sure you choose only the projects developed by experienced and well-known builders in Mumbai.

One of the recommendations for the real estate investment in Mumbai is the projects by Oberoi Realty. Oberoi Realty is the most prominent developer in India, and is eminent for developing high-end luxurious homes. This developer has thirty years of experience in developing premium quality projects. Their expert engineers, architects, and designers have proved that they are the best in developing discrete projects which would leave you spellbound. Some of the magnificent properties in Mumbai by Oberoi Realty include Oberoi Woods, Oberoi Exquisite, Oberoi Springs, Oberoi Splendor, Beachwood House, Oberoi Crest, etc. Taking a look at these properties would give you an idea about the actual feel of living in these paradises.

Oberoi Realty s lavish projects have not only charmed the Indian buyers but also have made a mark internationally. Therefore, if you are really interested in property investments in Mumbai, properties by Oberoi Realty would definitely give you outstanding returns.Oberoi Realty is the most prominent developer in India, and is eminent for developing high-end luxurious homes. This developer has thirty years of experience in developing premium quality projects.Article Source:

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How Is Growing Real Estate Business? Sep 09

How is Growing Real Estate Business?



Nowadays if we talk about any business then everyone would like to say the progressive business is real estate. The business is growing by an effect immediately and everyone would like to setup their business like that. But only some people are here who can run their business at very beneficial factors. Some people have the business of hospitality in

Farmhouse in Delhi

and Gurgaon. Every month the Fournier come to any trip and like to stay in such farmhouses in the capital area. So the business relates from the same sector.

According to customers relationship, there are many things which are about to see in the business. But there is real estate business which is depending only relationship and good deals with the customers. Nowadays every people like to invest in property due to make the great benefits in the few months and years also.

If we talk about the Gurgaon and nearby then there are very hike prices in Gurgaon for any residential and commercial properties. After Gurgaon there is good location with Apartments in Bhiwadi. Great deal in this area because the area is new and developing with the industries and other factors. Everyone likes to live where he got the job option and other facilities for living life.


Bhiwadi is the best locating which is located in Rajasthan near by Dharuhera NH – 8. Only 8 km from the National Highway and there are many scope for every sector. The prices are also very suitable for flats in Bhiwadi for living purpose.

There are two types of property for investment which are:

1. Residential Property

2. Commercial Property

If we talk about residential property then people will ever like to live separate with full facilities like play ground, best education, reliable area and safety and security etc. Much type of real estate agencies and company are here who only work as a broker and have the responsibility to provide the best area and property.

Commercial Property is only for business deal. People will invest only for the profit purpose. If anyone want to buy a property for shifting their business in a building that is a commercial sector. And the property is purchased only for the commercial factor.

Some people like to invest for short time profit and they buy a property in popular area where after some time they can get the double prices for their investments. Buy

apartments in Bhiwadi

and Gurgaon if any person want to make a great profit in next few months and years as well as.

Rabin Gupta is a author in Dristi Infra dealing in real estate sector for

apartments in Bhiwadi

, new projects in Bhiwadi,

flats in Bhiwadi

and Bhiwadi projects as wall.

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