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Types of Cyber Security: A Comprehensive Guide

Cyber security has evolved significantly, becoming an essential aspect of global organizations and businesses. Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and malicious, forcing corporations to prioritize strong cybersecurity frameworks. In this article, we will delve into the intricate aspects of various types of cyber security, their significance in the modern corporate structure, and the increasing demand for cyber security companies, with a particular focus on cyber security companies Melbourne.

Network Security

Network security refers to the strategies implemented to detect and prevent exploitation of both private and public network infrastructure. Hackers often exploit these networks to gain unauthorized access to internal systems, leading to data breaches. Network security aims at blocking such intrusion attempts thus protecting the integrity and usability of a network and its data.

Application Security

With the rise in the number of applications used by businesses, application security has become increasingly critical. This form of cyber security involves implementing protective measures and procedures within software and services to prevent external threats. This is realized through security components embedded into applications during their development phase.

Information Security

Information security, also known as InfoSec, safeguards both physical and digital data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. This type of cyber security monitors all forms of information, from print to digital format, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of corporate data.

Operational Security

Operational security, or OpSec, involves analyzing and protecting public data about an organization that could be exploited by adversaries. This includes protection strategies for mundane details that can provide a hacker with insights into potential vulnerabilities within your organization.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Despite the efforts towards cyber security, disasters like cyber-attacks, technological failures, or natural disasters are sometimes inevitable. When these disasters occur, the essential aspect is to resume operations without losing valuable data. Therefore, disaster recovery and business continuity plans ensure minimal disruptions to operations and quick recovery after a disaster.

End-user Education

The weakest link in any cyber security framework is often the end user. Therefore, user education is crucial to inform individuals about defense strategies against phishing, cyber threats, and potential exploitations. An informed user base can make a significant difference in the overall security posture of an organization.

Despite the different types of cyber security, one common thread runs through all of them – the necessity of professional expertise. Given the complex nature of these securities and the continuous evolution of cyber threats, expert knowledge is a non-negotiable necessity.

This is where cyber security companies come into play. They provide businesses with a robust and comprehensive cyber security framework tailored to their unique needs and vulnerabilities. Companies such as cyber security companies Melbourne offer end-to-end cyber security solutions that cater to all types of cyber security mentioned above. They provide network security services, end-user education, disaster recovery plans, operational security, and much more, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while ensuring utmost data security.

In conclusion, the importance of cyber security in the modern world business landscape cannot be overemphasized. Whether it is network security, application security, information security, or user education, each aspect serves unique, yet mutually reinforcing roles in maintaining a comprehensive and robust cyber security framework. And with professional aid from competent companies like cyber security companies Melbourne, businesses can effortlessly strive towards a more secure and cyber-resilient working environment.

The Availability Aspect Of Information Assurance Nov 01

Submitted by: JB Lee

Methods of preserving information and information systems are what describes Information Assurance. It confirms availability by sustaining a prompt and reliable channel to material and information services for entrusted users. By producing systematic veritability, entirety and accuracy and continuity of the material and data structures of the operating system, hardware, software and banked material, integrity is supported. Integrity can likewise secure against forbidden variation and destruction of material. Information assurance also permits acceptance by assuring a place’s certification to acquire distinct material from the architecture, and also by accommodating the validity of a communication or a document and its producer. Confidentiality is confirmed by not broadcasting data to disapproved organizations or functions. Information Assurance confirms non-repudiation, which is supporting proof of transfer to the sender of data and dispensing validation of identification to the recipient, to require neither recipient can later contest having analyzed the data. Information Assurance also includes providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities.

Information Assurance guarantees availability by sustaining an up-to-date and trustworthy channel to material and information services for certified users. The users ought have reliable connection to all hardware, software, services and information. Availability should be assessed for the overall systems, not just in terms of what is accessible to only mission-critical systems.


There are particular design principles that can boost availability. Elements and subsystems need be able to be gracefully restarted unplanned. Subsystems and components must comply with an open architecture and be individual from one other. Subordinately critical missions or processes should be isolated from more urgent ones, as well as more high-risk processes from those that are subordinately sensitive. Networks, functions, and material organization can also be optimized for mission availability. The system can be conformed to securely upgrade availability such that platforms, software and framework are formed as services such as cloud computing. Proficient utilization of assets and attaining singular outages transparent to the end user are selected advantages of services such as cloud computing. The more redundant the architecture the more error-resistant it is.

Timeliness, associated with Quality of Service (QoS), is significant because too overdue could possibly be just as unfavorable as not at all. To be able to conform to timeliness specifications, sometimes asset allotment could be altered. There are frequently compromises between QoS foundations and Information Assurance specifications.

Measurement and metrics must help identify the originators of availability issues and have to also cover process flaws. If the management and users are not complying with a fitting process, this can alter end-to-end availability even if the hardware, software and services may be reachable. Processes could assess for a massively considerable percentage of system interruption, so they must also be assessed for in the measurement of availability. There are lots examples of metrics that might be analyzed for availability, including: Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR, How long and frequently each subsystem was suspended, How many entitled users there are and their access level, Portion the system is down or information is not obtainable, Percentage the system is stopped or data is not available due to Security complications, Percentage of CPU used for Security measures.

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You May Think That Your Home Computer Network Is As Safe As Bug In A Rug It Is Not Oct 06

Submitted by: William Piker

You may think that your home computer internet network is as safe as a bug in a rug . After all your Linksys or D-Link brand or another popular brand offers state of the art security features. Perhaps you have the standard WEP 64, or the safe as the banks WEP 128 encryption format. Perhaps you have even gone one step further to the ultra newer safe WPA router data security formats or even to greater security heights.

Your computer network is ultra secure. Or so you think and have beer reassured. Perhaps you have even had a computer security professional do the setup and maintenance,

And yet your personal data or banking information may be stolen. Your children may be directed to bad internet sites or worse. Your windows security updates may be compromised leaving your computer and network open to wide and wider scale attacks on your computer. Your confidential passwords whether they are for email, medical, airline or even banking may be compromised or stolen. Finally your computer may be utilized as a zombie in large scale denial of service attacks on the internet. Your computer and many thousands of other may be set, waiting patiently for long periods of time, to be activated as a sleeper agent. Which along with many thousand of other remote computers are set on secret activation to altogether overwhelm some target whether it be government computers, the CNN online news network or whatever?


How are all of these threats possible? Computer security is always a case of cat and mouse with human ingenuity always at the root of the game. The hackers do this.

The computer security network react to fix the security hole it issue whether it be Microsoft, Apple Computer or the Computer Hardware of Computer Hardware accessories manufacturers . And then the computer hackers think of an alternate means of attack.

In this case, even though it apparently seems that even though your wireless or simple cabled non wireless computer network has another gaping security hole. Home routers are at risk of being compromised by remote hackers. As a result of innocently or inadvertently visiting web pages malicious standard java script type software can access the controls of your home router and reset the controls inside the router to cause you big trouble.

Your router can be set to visit certain sites instead of where you wish to go. This may be simply to redirect you to sites containing advertising of the villain s daily choice. You may be taken inadvertently to websites which in a flash download further viscous and mean software, on a regular basis. Or even worse you may be taken to fake sites which are not what they represent. For example you may well type in the bank of America website. You may even have searched the name by Google. You will think you are being directed to this banking website where you enter your account name and password only to discover you cannot access your account because you are a bogus copy of the front page of that website whose purpose is to steal your banking account and passwords.

The answer to this security problem is simple. Simply change the administration password in your router from the default out of the box, out of the manual and factory to anything else.

As a result the malicious java script will not be able to unlock and enter your router and do its damage. The simple answer to these router security issues and securing your router firmly is to easily and simply change the administration password on your router whether it is wireless or a wired router. Now your home computer network and router will be safe from this threat.

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