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Benefits Of Huna Kane Massage Sep 14

Submitted by: Terry Small

Huna Kane massage therapy is a form of unique healing modality that associates counseling with massage therapy to create a technique that encourages mind and body fusion. The technique uses mild to intensive rocking massage methods that are essential in promoting a healthy constitution, clear mind, and in maintaining the optimum function of the various parts of the body. Spiritual healing and empowering as well as the release of emotional baggage are included with the benefits and effects of the massage therapy.

The treatment also includes the principle of clearing any blockages that restricts the free flow and circulation of life force or energy within the human body. Similar to the other forms of bodywork techniques, especially the Oriental types of massage therapies, Huna Kane practitioner s belief in balancing the energy flow of the human body is as important as the good coordination of the mind and body for the whole benefit of the treatment.

Practitioners or massage therapists of this massage technique are highly trained in providing the right effects and lesser risks and dangers of the therapy. Aside from mastering the massage strokes and techniques though, they are also well-trained in providing respect, love, understanding, and compassion for their client which are required in order to give them the effects and benefits of the health care.


The benefits of the Huna Kane massage are equally shared by the mind and body. Physiological benefits to the overall health includes the retaining of the physical integrity, improved blood and oxygen circulation, enhanced lymphatic flow and drainage, treatment of body pain, release of tension on the tissues, improves breathing and respiratory functions, boosts the immune system, and creates a stronger line of defense against injuries, painful condition, and sickness. The emotional benefits which are triggered are removed and flushed out from the client after each therapy session as the therapist works on the areas of the body that holds negative emotions and traumatic past experiences. Emotional health issues such as fear, anxiety, aggression, and depression are taken care of by replacing them with good mood and a nice behavior.

In order to maximize the benefits of the Huna Kane massage after the therapy session, the client must drink lots of water in order to cleanse the body from harmful substances that were flushed out after the massage therapy session. It is important to intake the water slowly to avoid problems in the future due to the practice of drinking at a fast pace. Salt baths are also helpful in detoxifying and calming the body, however it should be done after the body has completed the 6 hour rest that it needs prior to any contact of the body to water.

Aside from the techniques used in the healing modality, a Huna Kane practitioner also considers other practices as equally important. Proper diet, plenty of rest, peace of mind, meditation, and exercise are essential for a healthy mind and body. It also keeps the client fit and prevents sickness, disease, injuries, dysfunctions, and emotional problems from devastating the physical and mental state of the patient.

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