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Cardigan Sweaters In Fun Prints} Aug 16

Cardigan Sweaters in Fun Prints


Matt Dimler

When the weather gets cooler, women everywhere begin switching out their summer wardrobes in favor of fall and winter fashions. Many of them are realizing that their choices for chillier temperatures are either worn, ill-fitting, or hopelessly out of style. For them, it is a perfect time to reinvest in the one clothing item that can support several different outfits: the cardigan sweater. When closed, it can stand alone as a casual or dressy top. And women who leave it open can accessorize the look with various tops, tanks, and shells underneath. Cardigans are great with slacks, jeans, or even lounge pants. Most importantly, their comfort and functionality make them popular choices when the mercury drops.

Here are several cardigan choices that are available with fun prints:

Kim & Co. V-Neck Long Sleeve Printed Cardigan

This stunning cardigan showcases a bursting floral-style print in black and ruby or gunmetal and purple. The seven-button polyester garment comes with shoulder pads for a look that can be dressy or informal. $54.24

Berek “Moroccan Dream” Beaded Cardigan Sweater

The Moroccan-inspired black print on this sophisticated, easy-wear sweater is confined to the front bottom hem. The mostly white cardigan is trimmed in black on the cuffs, scoop neck, and front placket. The material is a cotton/rayon blend and the neck is trimmed with jet black faceted beads. $47.83

Addressing Women Hi-Low Cardigan Top & Tank Set

This set features both a long sleeve cardigan and a matching sleeveless shell, both of which have a longer back and a shorter front. The polyester/spandex material is machine washable, and the set is perfect with slacks or jeans. Available in black, animal, or plumstone. $42.83


Kim Parrish Collection Leopard Print Cardigan Sweater

The long sleeved sweater features black-and-white or ivory-and-white leopard print along with white trim on the cuffs, front placket, and waist. Made of an 80/20 combination of rayon and nylon, this bold cardigan looks good during the day and at night. $49.50

Pamela McCoy Embellished Zip-Front Animal-Print Sweater

Its hard to tell that this stylish long sleeved sweater has a zipper front. The gold, black, and white leopard print is accented with white studs on black trim at the neckline, cuffs, bottom hem, and front placket. This acrylic/wool blend garment is both fashionable and comfortable. $100

Avvenire Snake Print Cardigan Sweater

Fierce and striking, this cardigan has a color palette of whites, greens, browns, and blacks with length sleeves and a scoop neck. Made with a blend of viscose, nylon, and spandex, the figure-flattering sweater is durable, versatile, comfortable, and appropriate for casual or dressy situations. $32.65

Avvenire Cheetah Print Cardigan Sweater

This eye-catching garment has the shape, sleeve length, and fit of Avvenires Snake Print Cardigan, but features the classic black and white color combination. The viscose/nylon/spandex material is breathable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. $27.24

Boutique Chic Wide 3/4 Sleeve Printed Stretch Knit Cardigan

This sweater, which comes in hues of eggplant or chocolate, is made of a lightweight nylon/spandex knit that stretches and repels wrinkles. Its a striking cardigan full of everyday elegance. $33.94

Boutique Chic 3/4 Sleeve Printed Stretch Knit Cropped Cardigan

The dainty neckline closure makes this cropped cardigan feminine and stylish. Designed to be worn with a shell or top, the slinky printed sweater is available in black, khaki, or tomato. Made of a comfortable stretch-knit fabric. $19.17

Boutique Chic Short Sleeve Tie Front Printed Stretch Knit Cardigan

The simple tie-front silhouette gives a simple outfit a whole new exotic look! The top comes in black, aqua, or purple and is constructed of a lightweight nylon/spandex blended fabric. $27.23

Henry New York Printed Cashmere Cardigan

A brilliant combo of softness and electricity, this printed cardigan can spice up any wardrobe! The lightweight yarn makes it ideal for any season, and the dazzling print is available in black-and-white zebra, hazelnut-and-black zebra, or a multi-combo paisley. $65.28

Sisters Drape Front Animal Print Cardigan

Beautiful and sultry, this black, brown, beige, and white printed cardigan has long sleeves and is made of a polyester/spandex blend. The striking drape front gives the garment a layered look and accentuates its boldness and elegance. $39.93

WD.NY Fashion Jeweled Neckline Cardigan Sweater

The quintessential blend of comfort and sophistication! Made of cotton, nylon, and spandex, this sleeve sweater features a crew neckline which is accented by glossy black, brown, or turquoise beads. Available in a khaki-and-brown cheetah print, an ivory-and-brown floral print, a white-and-black floral print, and an ivory and turquoise/army green/black/orange modern print. $53.88

Warren by WD.NY Georgette Tie Cardigan Three-Piece Set

This comfortable ensemble features a basic black tank top, lounge pants, and the georgette tie cardigan in black, cheetah, or pink floral print. The polyester sweater features a single tie in the front middle of the garment. $72.31

Cardigan sweaters are not just for rocking grandmothers anymore. With todays eclectic designs and alluring prints, cardigans can be an integral part of any ladys ensemble. As a result, women no longer have to pack up their fashion sense along with their summer sundresses and spring outfits.

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Cardigan Sweaters in Fun Prints

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Pick Out For The Landscaping Shrubs For Decorative Purposes Aug 01

By David Faulkner

Think about oak trees when it comes to deciding which landscaping plants to use to line your yard. These trees can adapt to most conditions and are also pest free. They also have beautiful colors and provide excellent shade. Another excellent option is maple trees which have fascinating colors throughout the year and adapt well to most locations. If you dont want to use trees for borders you can consider using shrubs.

When you want landscaping plants with a creative design then you should choose shrubs. Shrubs look well maintained and can bring a landscape design together. You still have much option to choose from when it comes to shrubs so you will need to pick on that works well for your garden area. For most areas an excellent shrub choice is the hydrangeas. IN the summer these have great flowers and green foliage while also producing excellent fall color when the seasons change.

Types of Landscaping Shrubs:

When it comes to choosing landscaping shrubs the first thing you have to consider is what will grow best in the area you are landscaping. All landscaping shrubs are different when it comes to the things that make them grow. Consider some shrubs can be very expensive this is why it is important to do your research first. You dont want to spend a lot of money on a plant that looks nice but will die within a year because it cant grow in the area you place it.


Consider your landscaped area and how much sun and shade you are going to have. Then choose landscaping shrubs that will work within those conditions. After limiting the list of plants to those that will work in your area then you should select plants that compliment your overall landscaping idea and ones that match your project plan. This way you will not only have a unified landscape design, but you will also have landscaping shrubs that will last for a long time to come with proper care.

Finalize After proper Planning:

When it comes to landscaping shrubs you want ones that will be easy to care for while still being beautiful. There are many shrubs available when it comes to choosing something that will blend with your landscaping design. Where you are landscaping will have a large influence on the plants and shrubs you choose to use. Although before choosing your landscaping plants there are a few things you need to consider. Then once you know which landscaping plants you need you can go to your home and garden center to find what appeals to you.

There are many types of landscaping trees and shrubs that are ornamental. This means they add color and beauty to your landscape design. Japanese Red Maples provide gorgeous deep red foliage which sometimes seems to be more of a purple color. They grow slowly but the end result is a beautiful ornamental tree that anybody would be proud to have in their yard.

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Why Spend Time In Holiday Parks Jun 06

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Submitted by: John Schofield

When the world got hit by the economic crisis, the tourist industry got hit as well. However, this is not the case among Brits who still want to go on a holiday given the affordable deals which are available for them. They still have holiday parks that encourage them to go on a vacation with their family. Most of the British households put a significant value on holidays. They see to it that they should be able to get a vacation to unwind. Even if there are also available packages for vacations abroad which are quite affordable, it seems like many families are going for seaside resorts and holiday parks in the country. Summer is the time for them to take a big break from their busy life.

Affordable Prices

Though hotels are still the most preferred accommodation by many Brits, more people are becoming ware of the value of holiday parks as well. These are actually cheaper than hotels with their affordable rates that still allow you to enjoy different kinds of activities for every member of the family. This is one of the biggest reasons to spend your vacation in holiday parks too. Even average income families can still afford to take the time off from their usual routine to relax. Summer is also a rare time of the year when the kids are out of school and you can take a vacation leave off work. The affordable prices will make it easier for people to go on a vacation. After the vacation, you have no reason to face a lot of debts too when you have saved up enough for your holiday.


Ideal for Families

Even big families can be accommodated well in holiday camps. These parks are usually near seaside resorts where the kids and adults alike can enjoy a splash in the water to beat the summer heat. For instance, there are holiday parks near Southport, Skegness, Newquay and Llandudno. Kids always love the water, while adults would like the kind of coolness and freedom that they experience in the beach.

Flexibility in Options

Holiday park accommodations are more varied than in hotels. This is because there are holiday parks that offer half-board accommodation and self-catered accommodation. The most important thing is that it is not really that difficult to find the right accommodation that suits all of you in the family.

More Activities

Being near seaside resorts, you can expect many activities in holiday parks. Each family member can enjoy different activities such as djing classes, quad bike, and the like. Through these holiday park activities, the kids can learn to socialise with other kids of their age.


There are various kinds of activities to entertain the families in holiday parks. There are magic shows, dance shows, comedy shows, and many others which can provide entertainment for everyone in the family. You may also find holiday parks with festivals to help all of you have fun in the festivities that are going on. The kids will be particularly happy and impressed about all these things.

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